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Thursday, 1 May 2014


The honour of an early rise.

I got to work way earlier than i should have and it gave me time to wander the high street and grab some breakfast. (Time. What a wondrous word in 21st century western society.) When it did finally come for me to start work i was incredibly refreshed, my mind was active not day dreaming and from this i was more efficient and for lack of a better word, happy. I'm usually rushed off my feet and exhausted before i start. What i came to realise is you don't need to stress over something you already have but fail to take. We all have time.

This clear sense of self and efficiency will in turn give time to you for other things as well : family, friends, that thing you've been meaning to do."I'm too busy! i lead a hectic life!" Of course you are busy, though perhaps your hectic life could be solved through a clear mindset and efficient action, the 'busyness' can subdue and your day will feel more fulfilled- and how can you gain such a thing? by taking time.

Do you ever find yourself laying in bed after your alarm has gone off wishing away the day and when you finally rise are you rushing? tired at work/with other tasks? you don't need a retreat because what you're seeking there is time. On holiday we often rise with the sun, happily go out early for breakfast or a town walk- why do we not do the same at home? Life, to me, is about fulfillment. Yes we all have to endure or do things we don't necessarily want to do but you can always find a way to make it fulfilling: reaching and breaking targets, networking that leads to other projects, using one path to clear another. I implore you to stop wasting time, have a great nights sleep and wake up exactly when you're supposed to and start your day.  Do not rush. If you feel like you run out of time for example before you have to leave the house; wake earlier the next day. This will soon settle in and so will a calm, aware mind and body.


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