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Sunday, 26 July 2015


Revolution in dry shampoo.

The super kind people at Zerreau Beauty sent me their dry shampoo to try. This isn't like any ordinary dry shampoo: its a mousse like texture that lifts the dirt and all you have to do is massage in and towel out- no water required. It reminds me of co-washing, a light cleanse but in half the time!

This is perfect for those headed to festivals where you need something to give a good clean but without having to miss your favourite artists and stand in ridiculous queues; but having discovered this now i've also thought how useful this would have been as a student where club nights often meant beer in the hair and late night/early morning showers before having to be up for a lecture. This would have been a God send.

Now at first i was apprehensive as mousse/foam means alcohol which on my hair texture means super drying and damaging but i was more than pleasantly surprised to see its actually alcohol and paraben free! also pH balanced like, yes! Now cleansing braided extensions isn't always the easiest but this really helped as i didn't have to rinse the length of my hair making the braids heavy with water i just got a nice quick cleanse.

It has a lovely crisp apple sent, which on my scalp was tingling and refreshing. It does what it says, all the product build up, dirt and flakes were gone. They also have a strawberry sent which i'd love to try. The only thing i must point out is it has sulphates which again is quite drying for curly and afro hair. In my box braids and when clarifying this is great but prolonged use on my hair may dry it out, causing breakage, so i don't know if i'd be able to say, use it after exercising to remove sweat and buildup as i planned since that would be frequent which is a shame as i thought i was onto something.

This is worth having in your collection for the times you really need a good clarify but either haven't the time or are inconvenienced by location. Gone are the talcum powder days and thank goodness because i could never use powder dry shampoos on my hair texture anyway this is a much more inclusive product. It smells great, is environmentally friendly, UK made and cruelty free. I just hope one day they could reformulate a sulphate free alternative so curly girls and those on the cg method can be fully on board. I will be trying this again on my afro when i take my braids out for a thorough review so look out for that on my Youtube

Hope you enjoyed this post x 


Sunday, 19 July 2015


The Birthday Outfit.

For my birthday, my boyfriend and I went to Burger & Lobster in Mayfair which is one of my favourite places to eat, although purely for the lobster. 

Despite a lot of cloud cover, it was a hot and humid day so i got my legs out in this blue/grey shirt dress from Topshop and paired it with my Stuart Weitzman wedges for a chic, smart casual look that i didn't get over heated in (especially on the tube which we were stuck on for a good leg of the day!).  I think the soft pastel colours are perfect for the summer.

The simple understated pieces like my fine chained multi row necklace, and mini bowling bag make such a simple outfit seem really expensive and dressed up. Harsh lines aren't always necessary, just key pieces for a classic look. I could easily dress this down swapping my wedges for flat gladiator sandals or those lace up flats that are on trend.


Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I recently got box braid extensions and i'm in love with them. I feel weirdly regal, so naturally couldn't resist a selfie, and am following a tradition of african and afro-carribean styles for natural hair.

Box braiding is where synthetic hair is looped and braided into the hair. It a fantastic protective style, that is, my afro hair isn't heavily manipulated and left to face the elements and friction that can cause it to dry out and break, it can simply grow. 

It is a style that has come back round to western fashion swooped in under the growing 90's revamp where it was most popular.

It's dubbed 'box' due to the squared off sections of hair. One can also get hair twisted in styles such as senegalese twists or faux locs using synthetic or human hair.

The entire process took around four hours to complete, i then cut them to a slightly more manageable length for myself though its not exactly short as i'm having fun playing around with long hair. I simply can't wait to see how healthy my hair has held up underneath, and will most certainly get similar styles in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this post x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Alex and i utilised this beautiful weather and visited Syon Park & House in Brentford. I used to live 5 minutes from there but ashamedly never visited and i wish i had sooner because the gardens are a wonder of this world. There are so many varieties of trees, plants and flowers not to mention wildlife like cranes and turtles (eeee turtles!). It was like being in 'the secret garden' with all these winding paths and bridges and little nooks perfect for a quiet or romantic picnics and view points as well (the house and gardens actually back onto Kew Gardens!). There was even a little gnome door in a tree so cute. We went through the conservatory first and i must say i want to get married there it's now top of my list with the wide pane glass and massive fountain out front and funnily enough they were prepping for a wedding when we arrived! the fields are just gorgeous and the house itself is magnificent to behold its hard to believe, despite being centuries old, that people still own and are coming back to live there. Unfortunately i couldn't take pictures of the inside but every bit of grandeur you can imagine- it has. From a vast library with real first edition copy books to pillars imported from Rome and silk wall finishing and ivory decorations. They also have a beautiful courtyard with stairs winding down from each corner down to a well crafted and well kept garden full of roses and pebbling. We learnt a lot of history about the place and each room from the amazing people that work there, it used to be a huge abbey which was knocked down to build the house and is now owned by the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. Although the house and gardens is still truly someones house and garden it is open to the public and has a garden centre and club attached where me and Alex had afternoon tea and a really sweet gift shop (i'm a sucker for those) with intricate gifts. It has now made me enjoy long walks and admiring nature's beauty, though of course its all the better in the sunshine. If you're ever visiting London give it a peep!

The pictures don't do it justice, i could have taken a million more as its such a vast space; it makes you forget you're in the city.

Hope you enjoyed this post x


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