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Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Smooth Transition

Jacket- New Look | Top- Zara | Bag- Zara | Trousers- Asos | Shoes- Zara | Sunglasses- Topshop

So in April we've had sunshine, rain and even a pinch of snow! I struck lucky one weekend and took some photos of an outfit I've worn to transition into the spring months. I love this bat wing top from Zara, although light in colour and look it's a knitted fabric so keeps me warm along with my pleather trousers. 

I'd say ankle boots are a must for traipsing around London; keeping you in style but still comfortable and these high shine boots go so well against the trousers and my bag. My accents were all gold, including these new to die for cat eye sunnies from Topshop. I'm a sunglasses fiend and love the pinched in frames along with the reflective/mirror style that's popular at the moment. Of course I carried my suedette jacket for any strong winds.

You may have noticed there's no floral patterns-yet! but it's just a way for me to come out of the heavier darker colours and fabrics without throwing myself in the deep end

How do you transition to a spring wardrobe? x


Thursday, 21 April 2016

My Month In Hair: March

It's been high end hair this month!

The Regimen:
I shampoo'd every week, co washing once because as you may have seen on my channel i straightened my kinky curly for the first time since going natural.
  • Pre Shampoo with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme, almost a protein type of treatment that you apply to wet hair first and leave on for twenty minutes to restrengthen and soften the hair. It's creamy in texture.
  • Shampoo and condition with Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme line,  the shampoo is a runny sheer peach colour with an earthy but citrus scent and the conditioner match but with a white and lotion like texture.
  • Ojon restorative treatment- i raved about this giving me a moisture kick when i first went natural, it's an oil based pre-wash treatment
  • Co wash with Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Rich Conditioning Cleanser- i've tried many a co-wash in my time and having tried their treatment i've been dying to try this since they released it.

A lot of silicones & sulphates which as you may know is basically stripping and then re-coating the hair and can be drying if used a lot especially on curly hair. Philip kingsley has specific formula's based on your hair type and its very rare to see a high street or high end product that caters particularly to afro textured hair. 

My hair felt really soft the elasticizer replenished and acted as my deep conditioner, though by personal preference i would like it thicker, and i can't tell if my hair feels 'good' or if it's the coating silicones. It's also pretty pricey for the amount you get at around £18 for a tube and £30 for a tub of elasticizer but it's not the most expensive out there and you can get trial kits for £25.

Ojon's oil treatment sat on top of my hair, i loved it when i first went natural but perhaps now my hair longer i need to apply heat or try again when i haven't been using a silicone conditioner. I love the co-wash it's so softening and cleansed without any drying effect. The smell is kinda musky like an expensive spa, i like it though others may not. 

My hair feels good. I will revisit using PK's stuff and try ojon's treatment again with heat. I'll re purchase the co wash though at it's price can't swear it will be a staple. Ojon i believe is now owned by the origins brand and so their advertsing has changed would be cool to see afro haired girls on their the way Phillip does on his! I gave my ends a good trim. 

Hair feels: Strong, ends are dry and tangled

What are your favourite hair products? x


Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Roll Neck- Topshop/Leggings-Topshop/Jacket-River Island/Boots-River Island/Bag-Vivienne Westwood(new)/Ring-Regal Rose

It feels really good to put up a fashion post again. I haven't done so since 2011 on my old fashion blog- which is still floating around the internet (let me know if you find it!)

I took my first trip to Bicester Village, a designer outlet shopping parade. Myself and Alex just fancied a trip out the house and since I'd heard of it I thought I'd give it a peek. That peek turned into a purchase and I got my hands on the aptly named 'Hollywood' bag by Vivienne Westwood- it's a real standout. 

Feeling french on this bright spring day I paired it with a light all black outfit, the boots are a suede mid heel with a squared toe suited to the 70's trend. This bag is in white grain leather with silver hardware and if you saw the lining- ooh! 

Much like a black bag, i think a white bag is an essential. It can seem scary, but a white bag with an all black outfit just adds that punch. I think it will be great paired with a powder blue shirt or dress also. This is for sure my summer item and even though this is from a couple of seasons ago, I've noticed on the high street white crossbody bags are making a comeback- Get in!



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