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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Summer In The City: Dress Confident

Jumspuit & Bag- Zara | Jacket- New Look | Shoes- Miss Pap (all sale)

On a small mid month outing to Zara (when am I never there) I came across a grey culotte jumpsuit, alas they didn't have my size left so my friend suggested I get the red. I thought, no way josé how will i wear that?! It's so fire red and being a jumpsuit there isn't much to tone it down; but your friends are that for a reason! And it was a bargain at a sale price of 9.99. It's so comfortable and the way the fabric moves is beautiful, culotte jumpsuits truly are a wonder outfit for every shape and can be dressed up as I have done here with heels. I let the jumpsuit do the talking, pairing it with simple gold accessories and salmon bag and shoes, it deserved the shard backdrop as the building too is a standout feature. The only thing I must note is mine needs to be taken up a little. You know, life is too short to NOT to buy the outfit and something that makes you feel good can never be bad. Wear it and wear it well!

Hope you enjoyed this post x


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