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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I recently got box braid extensions and i'm in love with them. I feel weirdly regal, so naturally couldn't resist a selfie, and am following a tradition of african and afro-carribean styles for natural hair.

Box braiding is where synthetic hair is looped and braided into the hair. It a fantastic protective style, that is, my afro hair isn't heavily manipulated and left to face the elements and friction that can cause it to dry out and break, it can simply grow. 

It is a style that has come back round to western fashion swooped in under the growing 90's revamp where it was most popular.

It's dubbed 'box' due to the squared off sections of hair. One can also get hair twisted in styles such as senegalese twists or faux locs using synthetic or human hair.

The entire process took around four hours to complete, i then cut them to a slightly more manageable length for myself though its not exactly short as i'm having fun playing around with long hair. I simply can't wait to see how healthy my hair has held up underneath, and will most certainly get similar styles in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this post x

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