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Thursday, 28 August 2014


Pictures from Paris.

My boyfriend and i took a short break to Paris, France recently. I went when i was young but this time doing all the touristy stuff and walking around myself has truly pushed me to want to explore the wonders of the world more as a lot of twenty-somethings do. It rained heavily pretty much the entire time but it was still hot so i wore shorts and dresses around and despite the weather we really enjoyed ourselves. My afro hair didnt keep well even though i tried to protective style it was far to humid and wet; shrinkage got the best of me but i like my shrinkage as i dont have to deal with frizz/flyaways and i can be lazy like we want to on holiday.

We ate well and explored so much considering we only had three days. If we had more time we would probably go on to discover the nooks and cranny's that only those that live there would probably know about. The buildings were stunningly crafted and I'm usually not into architecture but i am now.

Like many women i love the style and glow that Paris seems to give off, the only thing that didn't live up to expectation was the Moulin Rouge! that being said we didn't see a show there as its quite expensive so maybe i'd feel differently inside the building. The food was amazing and we had more ice creams in that break then we've had in many summers. I was also disappointed with myself because i couldn't speak more of the language, i'd absolutely love to go back for a couple of weeks pretending i was a local and exploring more of Paris.

Hope you enjoyed my post x

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