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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Evolution of the twistout.

When i started my natural hair journey i envisioned all the masterful twistouts i would be able to achieve. My hair would unravel to show cascading dark bouncy curls. It would naturally stay in all day because i have curls anyway and i wouldn't need to bobby pin or secure the ends overnight because my coils would lock around each other doing the job for me. I had seen many different ways of achieving twistouts on youtube and instagram but they never seemed to work for me. For one my hair wouldn't cascade but rather ascend to the heavens and for the life of me i couldn't figure out this 'definition' people spoke of. All frizz. All day. This worried me because i thought i would have to wear my hair in an afro constantly (which i mainly do) and therefore my hair would become boring to me as i couldn't do anything with it and also wearing hair out all the time to face the environment can sometimes result in breakage be it snagging on clothes or rubbing against clothes/car seats. I hated twistouts and often didn't get on with braidouts either but one fateful day i decided to give it one. more. try. Voila! i liked it! i could face the public in it, you could see curls, it was somewhat hanging downward; there was no definition but by Jove i done it! Practice most definitely makes perfect and i think its worth exploring your own hair by yourself not looking to others- heck my headshape and the amount of hair i have is different to others so sometimes i can't do 15 twists on my head- So if you're struggling with natural hair styles try and try again and TRY THEM ALL. invent your own as well, we need more than a pompadour. I hit another bump in the road when i tried some gel to get more curl definition and all i got was grey flakes allllll over my hair and shoulders, how embarrassing, but i suppose that's why its called a journey and not a destination. Here's a picture of my first voila moment after a twistout and the second picture is my most recent twistout (before the gel disaster). I now have my method and am exploring other ways to getting that good good soft like butter twistout. Hope you enjoyed my post! x


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