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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Bathtime is Lush.

Bathtime was annoying as a kid unless i could get those mermaid shaped foam cremes or bring my barbie in with me but now bathtime is cherished! i love relaxing in a warm tub and so over Christmas
I was lucky enough to be gifted lots of Lush products and also purchased a few of my own so thought i would share these delightful goodies with you! (all marked * are xmas edition only)

Soft Coeur
Clever play on words given that this little massage bar has a chocolate core and  'coeur' is french for heart. This smells like chocoloate made with shea and cocoa butter, honey and cocoa powder plus other essential oils it will lock in the moisture during a bath or shower.

Tender is the Night
this melts so quick, made with murumuru butter (which us naturals love for hair) and shea butter it has a soft relaxing scent thanks to the ylang ylang and jasmine oil. Another massage bar to soften the skin.

Candy Mountain *
HOLLA ALL MY SWEET TOOTHS this smells like a candy store dream, very sweet. Unfortunately the top of mine crumbled off but this bath bomb will leave you sugary and everyone will want to lick you.

A bubble bar to create a cascade of gold foam, super glittery and a good pick me up on dreary days. Has a mild citrus scent.

The Comforter
Not to be confused with the comforter? another lush product this is a super fruity sweet bubble bar. Smells like raspberry and citrus fruits and will create big blackcurrant bubbles, you can split this bar for more than one use.

Golden Wonder *
OMG i cannot praise this one enough, i had two in my gift box and it creates a magical experience so it no wonder its shaped like a present. A citrus scent. There will be little stars in your bathtub- be aware to wash tub corners after use though the glitter tends to stick.

Lord of Misrule *
Looks plain but it has popping candy for an exciting bath experience. A bath bomb with a very soapy smell but not in an off putting way a more relaxing way.

Father Christmas *
I reallllyy should have used this one by now but i haven't haha. Its a bath bomb with not only a friendly face but a marshmallowy edible chalk stick type scent.

Christmas Eve*
A nice and simple bubble bar with calming ylang ylang and irish moss powder.
Cinders *
Apologies for my shoddy photography skills as i didnt capture the ball of popping candy on the other side! i thought it was a plain little bath bomb, but the candy has a striking gingery citrus smell that reminds me of an expensive candle. Its made with almond oil, sea salt  and cinnamon
(thats the peppery striking smell i got) I'm yet to use this either but i'm sure it'll be a treat!

Lush is a great place if you love spoiling yourself with bathtime treats. They also do skin, hair and other body products like toothpaste and perfume. What's great is their products are fresh, handmade, ethically sourced and they don't ever accept products tested on animals (alot of veggie and vegan products too) so you get all the natural goodness and will feel good about it too.

Who wants a bath now? Hope you enjoyed this post x

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