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Friday, 14 November 2014


My, my, my edges.

I've had a serious battle with my hairline. As alot of us do but it seems to be more so in the black community. I do actually have a few of those coveted baby hairs but i rarely catch and gel them so they look non existent and yes i do have a large forehead but i am unashamed in fact i have a slight dislike for fringes on myself; i love showing my forehead, and i share the forehead sisterhood with some good looking intelligent people. However something i was slightly embarrassed by was my edges- or lack there of. Back when my hair was relaxed i had trouble trusting stylists to do my hair as they were scissor happy and often experimented with old fashioned hairstyles i never asked for. The problem with this distrust was that i kept trying different salons and stylists meaning i would get different chemical relaxers (everything from QP to Olive Oil by ORS) and different techniques of applications which left my hair over and under processed. Alongside that I wore my hair in high buns and ponytails and straightened my hair more often than i should. A combination of this caused me to lose my fragile hairline. No not just lose a couple hairs but go BALD. Here's some pictures of the offending edges!

It was first brought to my attention in january 2013- the last time i relaxed professionally. I thought nothing of it until again i saw small thinning around April. Then in June 2013 i really took a good look and saw it was bald, about 5cm on the right side and about 2cm on the left.
(RIGHT SIDE) Look at those stringy relaxer ends. LAWD. i am holding my wispy hair back i can't believe i've cut this all off.
(LEFT SIDE) So plan of action: do a long stretch before the next relaxer (i used to stretch 3/4 months it was suggested i do a full year), stop manipulating my hair, massage emu oil into my missing patch and basically leave it alone.
The above image in september 2013. I stopped relaxing in July and rubbed emu oil in every night. You can see its starting to fill in.
Fast forward to the present and i fell in love with my ringlets and coils and decided to transition to natural.

My edges have grown back i won't say fully as there is still thinness but i no longer pull on my hair in anyway and stopping the relaxer truly helped not only with my hairline but to embrace my true self.
If you want to see how i grew my edges back with tips and tricks check out my youtube channel.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and had a good giggle! x


  1. Hey Zahra.... I love your hair. I enjoy watching your videos and I would really love it if you did a video on your hair regimen!! x

  2. Hi, I was wondering where you purchased your emu oil from?


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