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Thursday, 20 March 2014


clarification after sickness.

It's weird how much clarity and how open minded you feel after a terrible bout of sickness or anything else that takes you out of work and has you feeling down right disgusting.

You just kind of sleep most of the day, sometimes restless, sometimes really deep out of exhaustion but when you wake up and realise you aren't sick anymore or that you're going to be ok its like you've just had an amazing shower. You have the day to really get stuff done and recuperate.

Perhaps i also feel clarity because it's the first day of spring today, new beginnings and all that. In which I've realised my body is a temple and you get what you bloody well put in to it. I'm not going on some fitness craze because it shouldn't be about getting fit all the time but generally about wellbeing inside and out.

I'm not into holistic practice per se  but i am a believer that your body is the first indication of how you're feeling, stress or otherwise and it's important to listen and respond accordingly. Your skin, nails, hair and, dare i get gross, your toilet time is a cry out for help. I've been run down for the last couple of weeks and i know it's because i think i can get away with eating junk all the time and sometimes going without dinner weakening my immune system so i caught some bug but its also been more than just that. I have been stressed as hell.

Stress affects us all differently, some people can't cope with pressure or busyness and some people thrive in it, some of us let external things that have nothing to do with US stress us out, some of us are just worriers in general and anxiety takes place over everything making us unhealthy. Your body and mind are unique little so and so's and will do anything to put itself in a better state, including trying to show us how unhappy or unhealthy we are.

'I'm fine' we all say 'let me take on your problems because i can deal with mine' we lie. But take some time to reflect. If you say you need a holiday you probably do but  look at why is it you want to escape? Has something thrown you out of balance? a job or relationship not going how you wanted it to? (lol, agony aunt)

you stay up all night and only get a couple hours sleep before work or a task the next day- what is it you don't want to face? Stress is a serious problem, this intangible thing can really make us unhealthy not just unhappy. First and foremost reflect. Then, let food be thy medicine (go Socrates) more than likely out of stress you've been feeding your body but not fueling it- time to get real and treat your body with some respect in order to help your mind see a bit more clearly what it is that getting you down and how we (mind and i) can go about fixing that. (really you should do that anyway everyone knows a good diet makes a more energised, focused you.)

Clarity is: reflection and action. I reflected on how sick i had made myself and now its time to take action.

So lets see how this goes.

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