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Monday, 8 February 2016

My Month In Hair: January

We have ran out of January. I can't believe we're in February already, settling right in to 2016. So i'm going to skip the new year stuff (since i missed it, naughty me) and let you know of the first of many new posts coming to my blog: My month in hair, talking about the products and methodology used on my hair and whether it's working or not and how i find the mix of products.

i wore faux loc extensions as a protective style for the first half and sadly it hasn't been as protective as i would have hoped. I found the style really tight around my nape and the locs were so stiff i could really only wear them down and its a shame as i found all the styles available to me so cute! i used marley hair to braid and wrap.

The Regimen:

  • I shampoo'd weekly instead of cowashing this month and used my ol' faithful shea moisture retention shampoo which is so nourishing and soft doesn't strip at all (sulphate free). I'm so pleased that Boots has decided to stock it in the UK! 
  • I deep conditioned after every wash without heat using sm manuka honey deep conditioner but it's very light and just...meh. 
  • Every so often i would go in with my oil mix and apply that to my scalp and give my head a massage to stimulate blood flow and growth.
  • To moisturise i used the very basic, water from a spritz bottle
  • A new company called modie contacted and sent me their moisturising hair creme and oh my.. it's so deeply moisturising without being greasy or heavy, as it's oil based i use it to seal in my spritz, and my hair feels good for days. 

Apart from the modie creme, my hair hasn't been as moisturised as i would like. My hair needs a trim and weirdly, because of the faux locs, more protective styling. This month my hair needs repairing.

Hope you enjoyed this post x

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