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Thursday, 10 March 2016

My Month In Hair: February

The Regimen:

  • Co-wash weekly with As I Am Coconut CoWash which i adore! you get a great amount, no lather super soft and creamy cleanse and it has a nice sweet tangy scent because of the tangerine
  • Condition with As I Am Hydration Elation which i have raved about on my channel it defines like nobody's business and is super moisturising.  It's a tad pricey but it absorbs well into my low porosity hair but i admit I didn't deep condition which would have been beneficial.
  • Then i cornrowed my hair and wore it under my wig which is the freetress 'patsy' unit which was originally 18 inches but it was chopped to around 12 inches 
  • Throughout the week i would spritz my hair with water and apply shea moistures restorative conditioner and then seal with shea butter
  • the few days i filmed hair tutorials or for example wore twists to valentines day meal instead of my wig i styled using curls goddess curls gele and i really like it! light hold, not sticky and supposedly great for humidity (anti shrinkage!)

I will be doing a full product line review on my youtube channel soon so look out for that! I loved wearing this wig i could wake up super late and not have to worry about taking my hair down or the weather messing it up. The cut length works great for me as its more my style than super long and straight and i love the ombre it was cool to see how my skin tone looks against light brown/blonde. I wouldn't say it was super duper protective though because the constant braiding plus wig balancing on my hairline caused my edges to look worse for wear again. My hair was clean so i could have gone longer between co washes however my scalp was crazy itchy and flaky maybe because the scalp between braids was exposed and the heat under the wig dried it out even when i applied my oil mix.

This wasn't a bad month in retaining moisture etc but my hair did tangle even though it was braided so takedowns were stressful plus my scalp was dry though my hair itself was clean and smelled like it was freshly washed.  

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