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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring is in full swing, so here's some advice on how to spring clean your wardrobe! (yes i don my comfiest jammies and get to work!)

Figuring Out What Should Go
- Does it still wash properly? 
- Is the colour, pattern, shape and thread still there?
-Is it designer or have sentimental value?

Over time you may find stains on clothes just won't budge or that damp smell won't shift with the best detergent on the market. That along with very faded, over stretched, ill fitting garments with holes and nicks should probably make it's way out. If it's of sentimental value (for example i have a purple jumper given to me by my aunt who has now passed) don't feel bad for keeping it, even it doesn't quite fit any more. If it's designer, it's more than likely of great quality so can stand the test of time in both fashion and wear and if you really don't want it anymore it can fetch you a pretty penny should you choose to part with it.

Where Should It Go?

NEVER in the bin. Textile waste us huge and gross, it's very detrimental to our environment. Shops like H&M, Marks & Spencers, Zara and more offer trade ins or recycling bins. If your clothes and accessories are in good condition but perhaps the style isn't you any more (or like me you've bought the wrong size shoe and worn it, like, once!) give it to a friend or a charity shop. Otherwise take it to your local clothes bank usually found in your recycling refuge or supermarkets. Set up an amazon, eBay or depop account to sell things like jewellery.

Why Clear In The First Place?

Although it's not an obligation i definitely recommend it. Especially if you're a fashion lover. It's great for the mind and those that may wish to explore a more minimal lifestyle. Clearing gives you a chance to organise and lets face it - a clutter free lifestyle is less stressful!

Once it's done, treat yourself to a cuppa and a smile. But then again, why stop at your wardrobe? you can apply a similar outlook to clearing out near enough everything from old books and documents (are they 1st editions, important certificates?) to that pesky email inbox! 

I hope you found this post helpful! Happy clearing! x

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  1. Giiirllll. I dont have enough clothes to spring clean. Lel


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