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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Indoor Confidence: Staying Motivated When Blogging

Necklace- Topshop | Shirt(similar)- Bershka | Jeans- Topshop | Mules- Zara 

I really wanted to post this super simple style but two things happened: the weather wasn't great and to be honest i lost the confidence to shoot outside/shoot in general. This is something that happened on my long abandoned blog, if i stare at my pictures for too long a lot like if you say a word too many times it feels empty and meaningless.

I have to kick myself up the backside and say actually you knew exactly what you meant and how you felt when you styled this. It's a tailored, smart casual style- a real bit of me. It's put together in such an effortless fashion that we can all recreate. I've wanted a pair of mules since last year and pleased to see them picking up speed again. I know i surely am not the only blogger that finds themselves losing steam and confidence to blog but if it means going back to 2010 and posing in my bedroom or around the flat with just the natural lighting where i feel comfortable then that's just what i'll do but giving up this time is not an option.

Myself and perhaps yourself wants to show a creative side, use blogging as an outlet and there is always reason to why you decided 'this is what i want to write, this is what i want to wear and this is what i want to show!' so get comfy, go to mum and dad's back garden where no one is watching or do the opposite and pose in piccadilly circus (you'll have more than one camera on you that's for sure!) just remember why you wanted to do it in the first place: for yourself, for your readers, or to simply share.

I hope you enjoyed this post x



  1. I definitely do lose confidence in my blog sometimes, I guess we just always have to remember that hard work pays off! Hope you are able to gain your blogging confidence back. :)

    1. Thanks Kemi, slowly but surely- I'll make sure i don't give up this time! x

  2. Go girl! I hope you continued to stay inspired and do what makes you happy.


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